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Episode 63 - Just In Time For Mania

April 7th, 2019

It's been a little while, but the dynamic duo are back on the podwaves again. Sean and Lauren play catch up on all the happenings surrounding WWE and preview the grandest show of them all, Wrestlemania! The preshow is already three hours on Sunday so why not dedicate 90 minutes to episode 63, Just In Time For Mania!

Swervecast 62 - Push and Shove

February 3rd, 2019

The Royal Rumble is in the history books and that means copious amounts of pointing at the Wrestlemania sign, all sorts of angles and over-analyzing ever last thing on the internet! Lauren and Sean return to the pod this week to discuss the exit of Dean Ambrose, Becky Lynch's white hot run, whether or not Daniel Bryan is the real Captain Planet and a recap of the rumble itself. Strap yourselves in for just under two hours of analysis from The Pit's dynamic duo. It's Swervecast 62: Push and Shove!

Swervecast 61 - The One Winged Angel

January 6th, 2019

After taking the holidays off, Lauren and Sean return for the 61st episode of Swervecast. They recap WWE's TLC and talk about the best storylines and what the logical progression is for Royal Rumble before jumping into All Elite Wrestling, Wrestle Kingdom 13 and where oh were is the One Winged Angel himself, Kenny Omega, will ultimately land. Grab a drink, throw some headphones on and kick back as the duo return for this week's episode, The One Winged Angel!

Swervecast 60 - Becky, Bloody Becky!

November 14th, 2018

A rare mid-week version of Swervecast brings you near immediate reaction to the events of Raw and Smackdown that have turned WWE and Survivor Series upside down. Sean and Lauren talk about the slow burning feud between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, the unexpected heel turn and crowning of new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and, of course, the bloody glory of the hottest superstar in the company, Becky Lynch. Prepare for NXT WarGames 2 and Survivor Series with The Pit's wrestling duo as they bring you Episode 60 of Swervecast: Becky, Bloody Becky!

Swervecast 59 - Evolution: The REAL Crown Jewel

November 11th, 2018

Sean and Lauren are back at it again, this time to go over possibly the best show of the year...and the worst, all at the same time. While the women were praised for their show at Evolution, WWE took it on the chin in putting on Crown Jewel. The duo will discuss both shows, what WWE will have to do going forward to get the bad taste of Crown Jewel out of everyone's mouths and a quick preview of both NXT Takeover and Survivor Series, which are right around the corner. Grab a drink, turn the headphones up and kick back while The Pit takes you into Episode 59 of Swervecast, Evolution: The REAL Crown Jewel.

Swervecast 58 - F*ck Cancer

October 25th, 2018

The latest episode of Swervecast is one of the most somber episodes, at least at the beginning. Lauren and Sean weigh in on the nuclear bomb that Roman Reigns dropped on all of us, announcing that he is dealing with leukemia. We talk about the ripple effect that this announcement had, the huge heel turn by Dean Ambrose, and a full preview of Evolution. Pull up chair, grab a drink and set aside some time to listen to our dynamic duo as we bring you Episode 58: F*ck Cancer.

Swervecast 57 - What Year Is It!?!

October 21st, 2018

Swervecast is back for another episode, and there is so much to discuss this week! Sean and Lauren talk about the possibility of the Bullet Club officially disbanding in NJPW, whether or not Chris Jericho and JR are involved with starting a new federation and we go in depth on the controvery with Crown Jewel, new signings, and what to expect in the coming weeks. Grab a drink, forget about work and give a listen as The Pit's own mixed tag team bring you Episode 57: What Year Is It!?!

Swervecast 56 - It’s The Lass Kicker’s World Again

September 30th, 2018

Hell in a Cell-mates unite! We’re back from a week’s hiatus (damn you, conflicting schedules!) and we’ve got a lot to talk about. This week, we talk about the controversial Brie Bella faux pas, the Blasian Assassin, Mia Yim, arriving in NXT, a quick review of NJPW’s upcoming event Far East, a late review of Hell in a Cell and more. Stick this in your earholes and crank it up to 11! It’s Episode 56 of Swervecast: It’s a Lass Kicker’s World Again.

Swervecast 55 - Not Really Hell in a Cell

September 15th, 2018

Hell in a Cell is upon us early this year and Sean and Lauren are back to go over the card on Swervecast! This week, along with a preview, they discuss interesting tidbits such as Simone Johnson starting at the Performance Center, Dean Ambrose’s brush with death and much more. Stick this in your ear holes and crank it to 11! It’s episode 55 of Swervecast, “Not Really Hell in a Cell”.

Swervecast 54 - The Greatest Show in the Squared Circle

September 9th, 2018

Sean and Lauren hit the podwaves to recap one of the greatest shows they've had the opportunity to talk about. They discuss the ups and downs of "first-time producers" and what can be improved upon for All In 2, if it were to happen. They also break down the card, start to finish, and discuss whether or not the Bullet Club wants to, or even needs to, move to WWE. Sit back, relax, and let the Pit's wrestling duo take you on a trip for Episode 54, The Greatest Show in the Squared Circle.

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